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6 months ago

A successful weekend for the club last weekend with 5 of our juniors taking medals at the SKK Red and Yellow Belt competition in Newton-le-Willows, and Sensei Sandra taking bronze at the Ladies Open ... See more

6 months ago
Nominations Now Open for the 2018 British Judo Awards Dinner! - British Judo

Nominations for the awards open today (Friday 29th June) and will close on Friday 3rd August so be quick to avoid missing out!

6 months ago

Samurai are still taking entries for the men’s masters and kyu grades 7th July. Would be a good event for all 1st kyu and below men.
On 8th July samurai are hosting their ladies open for all ... See more

6 months ago
Judo soul

Kano said...
"A person's true value is determined by how much he or she contributes to society during his or her life. And because these very contributions enable those who strive to perfect ... See more

6 months ago

Right guys you really should be entering this there are not many opportunities for all age groups at a level 3 event (AA 8-9yrs being the youngest age group and 50+yrs being the oldest) It's Also for ... See more

7 months ago

Massive congratulations to our very own Sensei, Sandra, on winning a silver medal at the European Veterans Championships last weekend.

Awesome result!

I’d say that was a pretty good day at the office.
Silver at the European Veterans Championships in Glasgow.
Even better to have the medal presented by Loretta Cusack-Doyle #G2014 #JTeam

7 months ago
Cheshire & Greater Manchester Invitational Competition - British Judo

Players must hold a valid full BJA, BJC, AJA, or BSJA licence. This will be checked at weigh in. There will be no computer link up to the BJA on the day. Failure to produce a valid licence and record ... See more

7 months ago

Well the mats are down and we are ready to rumble, though the Senseis currently resemble two molten blobs, as it is very warm in here tonight - bring a water bottle!

7 months ago
Katana Judo Club

A few more shots from Monday's session with Brian.

Group photos and a couple of extras from the sessions on Monday

5th March judo is cancelled

Apologies to all but regrettably we have had to cancel the sessions on Monday 5th March due to illness. We hope to be back next week feeling human again.

Enjoy your week’s rest and see you refreshed and ready to train next Monday!

Merry Christmas

2017 club news round up

So 2017 has seen quite a few changes and successes at Katana Judo Club, none more so than the relocation of the club at short notice from our old venue in Wealstone Lane, to the new venue at the Royal British Legion on Heath Road, and the club would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped to make this move as smooth and seamless as possible, including the members who moved with us and continue to make this club a success.

2017 also saw many of our members competing locally, nationally and internationally. Congratulations to every one of you, especially those who made your first step onto the competition circuit, you represented the club well and we are all very proud of you and your achievements.

Sensei Sandra also continued her competitive journey, winning medals at various competitions throughout the year and securing her place on the GB Masters Squad for 2017-18.

  • High Wycombe Masters (High Wycombe)- Silver
  • Brain Tumour Charity Tournament (Cardiff, seniors) – Silver
  • Brain Tumour Charity Tournament (Cardiff, masters) – Gold
  • British Masters Championships (Cardiff) – Silver
  • World Veterans Championships (Sardinia) – 5th Place

In January, Senseis Sandra & Marc passed their Area Refereeing qualification. This means that Sensei Marc has also been back at competitions this year, but this time refereeing as well as coaching.

So after an eventful year, all that remains is for us to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you all back on the mat on 8th January 2018 to burn off some of the Christmas overindulgence.

Sandra, Marc, Bruce & Sandy

We’re Moving!


As announced at the club on Monday 19th June, we will be moving to a new venue, as the current venue is being closed down at short notice. But don’t worry, we’re not going far!

Our final session at the current venue will be on Monday 10th July 2017, with the first session at the new venue on Monday 24th July 2017.

Our new venue is just around the corner, has an even bigger car park, an area for our use and as a bonus for all the over 18s, there is a bar in the other side of the building should you require refreshments.

The new club address is:

Royal British Legion Club (Upton)
20 Heath Road
Upton Chester

We look forward to seeing you all there on Monday 24th July, same times, new venue.

Sandra, Marc, Bruce & Sandy

Katana Judo Club

Merry Christmas!

As another year comes to a close, we begin to reflect on the year that has passed.

Katana Judo Club has had a phenomenal year. 2015 has seen the club, its instructors and members flourish, right from the start.

  • Sensei Marc Chatterton achieved his 5th Dan (Technical)
  • Sensei Sandra Hughes passed her 2nd Dan (Technical and Competitive Theory) and is now collecting the fighting points towards the competitive grade. (she has to wait until 2019 to wear the technical grade)
  • Sensei Sandra Hughes won medals at various competitions;

o   High Wycombe Masters – Gold
o   Womens and Ladies Open (Masters open) – Bronze
o   Womens and Ladies Open (1st Dan open) – Bronze
o   World Veterans Championships – Bronze
o   Welsh Open (Masters) – Gold

  • Several club members entered the competition scene this year at local events, returning with various medals and tales of their experiences.
  • Almost every club member has passed at least one grading this year.

Looking forwards to 2016, we will be replacing the old crash mats with a good quality new one, so the seniors can practice some of the bigger more demanding throws with a softer landing. This will complete our mat replacement, and we can then look to add some training aides to our collection. If anyone has any ideas of things they’d like to see at the club for training, please pass your ideas to the coaching team and committee for consideration.

2016 also sees a new competition year, and I’m sure Sandra and a few members will be taking to the mat again both around the country and abroad.

So, the only thing left for us to do is to congratulate all on their achievements this year, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you when we return to training on 11th January 2016.

Merry Christmas

Welcome to Katana Judo Club

We hope you like our new website!

new website

Katana Judo Club, Chester, was founded in 2007, and goes from strength to strength under the watchful eyes of coaches Marc, Bruce & Sandra, who can be found at the club on a Monday night teaching and practising techniques, randori (light practice), competition style & technical style Judo with anyone who wishes to join them.

So if you’re aged 5-100, why not join them?

Come along on a Monday night and try out this Olympic & Paralympic sport for yourself. Anyone can do it.

Congratulations Sandra!

Congratulations to our Sensei Sandra on achieving her 1st Dan.

She received her official documentation in the post yesterday, having gained her final 20 points at the Kidderminster Ladies Open on 2nd March.



Katana Judo Club is 3!

On September 8th 2007, Katana Judo Club Chester opened it’s doors to students. This was a great day for Judo in Chester, and especially for all the hard work that everyone involved with the set up of the club had put in in the previous 6 months.

The founders, in a bid to create a friendly environment in which to train and learn, decided to open their own club, with nothing but the idea and the will to do it. Along with some help from the British Judo Association, we have made a success of the opening of the club.

Our first 3 years have been successful with our numbers steadily increasing, and our facilities improving too. After starting with borrowed mats, we have managed to secure our own mat area and a regular dojo to train in. Not only that but we find ourselves in a good position to improve on our facilities this year, with the next goal being to secure some crash mats to help us demonstrate and practice some of the bigger throws.

To all the Parents, BJA members and other members of the club who have supported us we offer a big thank you for all your support and help through this year and hope to have an even better year this coming year!