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Katana Judo Club is 3!

On September 8th 2007, Katana Judo Club Chester opened it’s doors to students. This was a great day for Judo in Chester, and especially for all the hard work that everyone involved with the set up of the club had put in in the previous 6 months.

The founders, in a bid to create a friendly environment in which to train and learn, decided to open their own club, with nothing but the idea and the will to do it. Along with some help from the British Judo Association, we have made a success of the opening of the club.

Our first 3 years have been successful with our numbers steadily increasing, and our facilities improving too. After starting with borrowed mats, we have managed to secure our own mat area and a regular dojo to train in. Not only that but we find ourselves in a good position to improve on our facilities this year, with the next goal being to secure some crash mats to help us demonstrate and practice some of the bigger throws.

To all the Parents, BJA members and other members of the club who have supported us we offer a big thank you for all your support and help through this year and hope to have an even better year this coming year!